Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Performance report dated 16th June, 2009

Our new trading strategy has worked very well today. 5 calls were given and 3 of them achieved their respective targets. The remaining 2 were exited at cost. We dont keep more than 2-3 positions open at a time. We shuffle the capital.

Buy above 2164
Target achieved at 2184
Profits- Rs920/-

Short at 1115
Exited at 1115
Profits- RsNil/-

Short at 725
Exited at 725
Profits- RsNil/-

Short at 633
Target achieved at 622
Profits- Rs1738/-

Short at 2278
Target of 2256 achieved
Profits- Rs968/-

Total Profit= Rs3626. Less brokerage + Taxes @ 0.08% = Rs400.
Net Profit= Rs3226

Note: The above profits are computed based on trade of Rs1lakh worth per share. And brokerage and taxes are also computed accordingly.

Anurag Dujari
E-Mail: anurag130@gmail.com
Blog: www.trade4gain.blogspot.com

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